Wanna know what the world thinks?


How about a two-year swop for my place in Hollywood?

Alan Parker – Film Director – USA

Our adventure wouldn´t have been the same without you

Edward Norton – Movie Star & Producer– USA

Thanks for the tea Bob – and the SWAT guys next door.

Tim Roth – Movie Star – UK

What an amazing act you pulled off

David Jarre – Actor & Musician – France

My last chapter to be written at the MAZE

Bill Pullman – Movie Star – USA

Music, art, architecture, a single holistic work of art

Pia Tikka – Movie Director – Finland

4 years at The MAZE is where I picked up my new career.

John Conroy – Writer – Film Director – UK

Magical place, charming host. May you live a thousand years!

Tahir Shah – Writer – Casablanca

I laughed a lot, shared a lot, learned a lot, then wrote a lot

Gabe Ponce de Leon – Writer – USA

Time almost suspiciously productive

André Jahn – Novelist – Germany

I wrote songs in dreamlike scenery

“Will” Heard – Singer & Songwriter – UK / Ireland

Probably the best place I´ve ever stayed in

David Juritz – Mozart Players & World Charity Busker – UK / S.Africa

Memorable times bonding with the favela kids

Tsatsa – Mongolia

Changed my perspective on what life should be

Rex – Chef – Hawai & New York, USA

Found my happy place here – Bob even made an artist out of me !

Gerd Brandkruth – IT Creative Consultant

Came for 2 weeks, stayed 2 years, went home married & happy.

Sam Baker – Apple, UK

3 inspired years teaching English and yoga. It’s the true Hotel California!

Sarah Achucarro – UK

A place to lose yourself, to find yourself – I even left some paintings there!

Roland Urbinati – Artist – France

Sublime storytelling, eternal breakfast, I made lifetime friends.

Eskil – Beijing, China

Irish rain – no thanks. Sunny days at half the cost and four times the happiness

Patrick Fitzgerald – Ex Civil Engineer, now TEFL teacher

The greatest meeting of talents – they got me recording film soundtrack

Niklas Knudsen – Composer – Denmark

The community made me feel so welcome and intiated me into jazz

Steve – Violinist – Edinburgh, Scotland

Quit frozen Canada and adopted The MAZE…. so near to everything”

Vanessa Rodrigues – NGO – Brazil Strings