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R. Tavares Bastos, 414 – Casa 66,
Catete, Rio de Janeiro,
BRAZIL 22221-030
Tel: +55 (21) 2558-5547


Our wholesale jerseys patch is cheap nfl jerseys certainly the safest location in Rio. We are neighbours with the B.O.P.E., Brazil’s special police unit. Our wholesale nfl jerseys China guests can wander around any time of day or night cheap jerseys and quickly feel part of the real Rio. The locals really enjoy your being here and when they cheap nfl jersey have their frequent street parties, our visitors love to join in and practice their Portuguese skills.

There cheap jerseys is a line of community vans (10-seater, white VW busses called ‘kombis’ here) which bring both locals and our guests up and down the hill. If you’re fit, it’s walkable too.

On our jazz nights they work right through cheap mlb jerseys the night. We are only 2 Metro stops from Downtown 3 Metro stops from Copacabana and 6 from Ipanema. From the airport there are expensive “Special” taxis and much cheaper yellow cabs. It is also possible to get an Uber, although they might not be willing to go All the way up but rather drop you at the bottom of the hill.

Airport: Right after customs, you will be offered the quite expensive “special” taxis. Yellow cabs are often a much cheaper cheap jerseys China option and plenty can be found outside the main entrance. All taxis have a meter. Just make sure it’s on. From Galeao it should be around R$40 – R$50 depending on traffic. You can also ask for a cheap jerseys China fixed price. There is a great overview on TripAdvisor: Rio Arrival and Departure

Some cheap jerseys extra advise: Recently, some guests were told by the driver that he can’t go up the favela, because it’s too dangerous. He will of course conveniently cheap jerseys offer to take you to a hotel in Copacabana or Ipanema. What he won’t tell you is that he will most likely receive a commission for that service. The Maze is located in one of the safest places in town. wholesale jerseys We would never deliberately put our guests in any precarious situation.

Rodovi√°ria Novo Rio [bus terminal]: A taxi or an Uber should be around R$25. Across the street from the main terminal you can also find the terminal for public busses. Ask for Linha Troncal 4 via Catete. Tell the driver to drop you at Rua Lisboa / Rua Tavares Bastos. That is exactly where the white community vans (kombis) go up the hill. The bus cheap jerseys will cost R$3.90 and the kombi R$3.50.

Metro: The clostest Metro stations are Catete and Largo do Machado. Catete is a bit closer. From there it is a 2 min walk to the corner of Rua Lisboa / Rua Tavares Bastos, where you will see a small bakery and white VW vans waiting to take you up the hill.

Kombis up and down the hill: The concept is fairly easy: R$3.50 up, R$2 down. Just get off at the very top of the favela and ask someone to show you the direction to ‘o Maze’.

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Yankees jersey China // For more options see:

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// How zoomed in you want the map to start at (always required)
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// The latitude and longitude to center the map (always required)
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map: map

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